Rede Transferensia iha Momentu Real (R-TiMOR)

Rede Transferensia iha Momentu Real (R-TiMOR)

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Banco Central de Timor-Leste launched into life operation of a new Automated Transfer System called “Rede transferênsia iha Momento Reál” (or R-TiMOR).

The ATS or R-TiMOR system is a modern, automated, electronic system operated by BCTL and is connected to all commercial banks in Timor-Leste by a highly secure private interbank data network which enables payments to move readily, efficiently, and securely from the payer to payee, across the respective banks' settlement accounts at BCTL.

The system is a hybrid system combining the Real Time Gross Settlement System and an Automatic Clearing house System. The system can handle payments for any amount, whether large or small.

Payments are processed by R-TiMOR which transfers funds between the accounts of the participants held within the system. Because these transfers are made at electronic speed, bank customers receive funds in their accounts very quickly and normally on the same day the payment is sent.

Each of the system participants (including BCTL) is using R-TiMOR to send instructions to make payments to other participants. Currently 4 banks are direct participant of the system and Government-MOF as indirect participant (see associated documents).