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BCTL spearheaded its first awareness program of Financial Education on 29 November 2014 which was launched officially by the President of RDTL H.E. Mr. Taur Matan Ruak. This was a nationwide awareness program aimed at improving financial literacy. The first National Savings Day was celebrated during this program and continues to be marked as National Savings Day each year.

National Savings Day is an important part of the financial awareness campaign to reach out to people throughout the nation. The theme for the program, “Save now for a better future” was developed in consultation with community groups. The main objective of the program is to raise awareness about personal and small business finances and thereby altering spending behavior to inculcate the habit of saving. It is intended to raise public awareness about financial opportunities and risks, and the available ways to manage them, through saving, insurance, and financial education.


Photo: President of the Republic Democratic of Timor-Leste H.E. Mr. Taur Matan Ruak, officially launched the National Savings Day

Venue: Kampo Demokrasia- Dili

The three key pillars of the campaign: Plan, Save and Protect were designed to make the campaign impactful and memorable.

Plan - as a country, we need to improve our economy to become independent in financial.  To achieve that, peoples needs to change the habit of how to make plans for the future and start thinking about practicing what is needed in this life. Plan is an important part in the initial stage in order people can be financially independent. Banks are key to helping people design plans for the future and will generally help the community and the country.

Save - as a country, it is very necessary to set up savings instrument for the future otherwise it will be a barrier to development. We need to start thinking about the future with fully responsibility also to be prudent in spending. Banks have an obligation to help people make savings, but banks also need to do promotions to attract customers. Campaign is an instrument and an opportunity for all of us to start thinking about the benefits of save now for better future.  

Protect -  It is important to protect what we have - protection for our future and family. protection of things that are important to us such as protection of our income, agricultural products, our wealth, our homes and others. To protect the future, we need to start from now.